Advanced Renamer


Rename massive files and folders with ID3 and EXIF support



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Advanced Renamer is a completely free tool to help you rename large files and folders that comes with interesting function that facilitate working with multimedia files and images thanks to its ID3 and EXIF support.

In the first place, Advanced Renamer comes with eight basic ways to rename folders and files based on the information contained in the name, the attributes of the file or its date of creation. Also, all this information can be completely modified by just a few clicks.

Advanced Renamer allows you to add and delete text, replace text strings regarding different rules, changing case sensitivity, ect. Also, you can active the option so you can see the changes you are making in real time, in which you will be able to catch any mistakes made before modifying the files.

Lastly, Advanced Renamer comes with different modes, preview options, and as always the "undo" function.

Windows 2000/XP/ Windows Vista.

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